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This semester I have been preparing a portfolio to apply to the creative track in BYU's advertising program. With this portfolio, I hope to be accepted* into the creative track as an art director. As part of our portfolios, we were challenged to have a "passion project" to demonstrate our creativity and personality.

While I feel like I am a person with many passions, none have taken up more mental capacity in the past few months than my late boyfriend Hunter. Therefore, I decided to pursue this passion in an effort to honor him.

I'll Never Stop Loving You is a film about my relationship with Hunter. This documentary-style film takes you through the different stages of our relationship, including our relationship now, despite his unexpected passing.

The film contains dialogue about love and grief and includes a few of my insights on these heavy topics. The goal of the film is to let Hunter's memory live on.

Hunter always said that one day we should turn our love story into a movie, so I did.

*Update: I was accepted in December!


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